After working in the Hills for 13 years, I have found a deep love and passion for the area and every piece of inspiration that it has to offer; the local fauna and flora, landscapes as well as the beautiful community.
Lost Woods Tattoo was born of a desire to elevate the tattooing experience, and offer a welcoming, inclusive and deeply respectful environment to share our passion for self expression through body art.
My style of art can be categorised into NeoTraditional; incorporating bold lines, smooth colours and illustrative details.
I have a great appreciation of “art for art’s sake”, and am genuinely excited to tattoo almost any subject that may bring joy or nostalgia to my clients, as well as pieces that hold deep sentimental value.
After studying Visual Arts at Deakin University during my apprenticeship, I have a sound knowledge and deep appreciation for many art styles, and throughly enjoy applying these practices to my tattooing and drawing.
I am incredibly honoured to welcome you to my Studio, Lost Woods Tattoo.

Our Artists

I am here to shape your tattoo experience, making it as positive and memorable as possible. I became a tattooist because of the integrity and the depth of meaning it holds for the wearer, and I aspire to ensure every client feels safe, seen and heard through their tattoo experiences.
It is in my nature to exude positivity and passion; I’ve invested years evolving and developing myself to be this way. I approach my tattoo work with the same energy as I do myself and others, and I want to connect and share this energy with you!
I want your tattoo experience to feel unique for you. I have spent 15+ years in personal development industries learning, teaching, and celebrating connection with others to bring happiness into their lives. I aspire to bring this mindset into the tattoo industry and encourage others to celebrate their bodies and unique journeys with the most beautiful reflection they deserve.
My work has a high attention to detail, predominantly focusing on fine line black and grey pieces. In addition to offering regular tattoos, I have a strong focus and passion for sacred conscious tattooing, for those seeking a deeper connection to their body art.
My passion for art and the connection it has with the body and our journeys is what drives me as an artist. To me, every art piece is magic! And I cannot wait to create with you and bring your ideas to life!



Coming from a background in traditional portrait painting with over 15 years experience, I aim to create artwork on skin that can help my clients grow, heal and feel understood. After graduating with Distinction from the Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) where I met my mentor Matthew, I have now begun my apprenticeship at Lost Woods Tattoo.

Early in my artistic career, I was captivated by the challenge of representing the essence of a person in a portrait. To communicate a story, an emotion or experience in the piece. I have spent years honing my skills in realism, striving to render every detail to create a likeness beyond physical features.

I am currently in the process of ensuring a strong foundation in all tattoo styles with the aim to specialise in photorealism and surrealism tattoos as I progress. To this end, I hope to create an experience that is safe, inclusive and deeply respectful.