At Lost Woods Tattoo, we are happy and proud to treat each client with equal respect, regardless of their:

  • Age

  • Gender identity

  • Sexual orientation

  • Skin tone

  • Nationality / background

  • Cultural heritage

  • Religious beliefs

  • Body shape / size

  • Disabilities

  • Education

Showing respect to clients with certain aspects in mind can mean altering the way that we approach our services. For example; we may recommend a different colour palette for a design based on a client's skin tone, or we may recommend changes in a design based on the skin age and collagen structure. This is to ensure that the best results are achieved for the tattoo and is no way intended as discrimination.

Just as our clients deserve to be treated with respect, as do our staff. We may refuse service to anyone who is disrespectful or inappropriate with our staff at our discretion.